10 Things Only Moms Would Understand

Motherhood; the position of human alarm clock, cook, maid, teacher, nurse, referee, tailor, photographer and the most feared position of all monsters under the bed. Being a mom is no easy job, and you deserve credit for all that you do! Having a moment to yourself is a rare treat. If you find some time to sneak away from the kiddos for a bubble bath, to catch up on your favorite show, or even just to read this list, then you go mom! You deserve it! Here are 10 things only moms would understand.

1. You don’t remember the last time you went to the toilet alone.

Mother's are queen but one of their most busiest times for multitasking is when they're sitting on their other throne. Raise your hand if you're a mom and haven't had a moment alone in the bathroom since giving birth.

2. You catch yourself singing nursery yourself

You know you're a mom when everyone is singing the latest Taylor Swift song and you're prepping dinner while singing Baby Shark. Whether it's whistling, humming or straight out singing, you know the words better than your kids. Good luck getting those songs out of your head. Doo doo da doo da doo.

3. Your purse is a diaper bag.

We don't have time to carry a purse and a diaper bag. We are heroes after all, and our purse is our utility belt! Need some wipes? BAM! How about a pacifier? Voila! Touch up your lipstick? No Problem! This bag will hold whatever you can think of from cookie crumbs, to a sticky Lolly Pop wrapped in a tissue. Carry it with honor!

4. You have been creative with your hiding spots just to get a moment to yourself.

Sometimes moms just need their own space.

Sometimes that space has to be hiding in a bath tub with a closed shower curtain reading a book, or sneaking a bite of your favorite chocolate bar in the closet. We've all been there.

5. You’d cry if your coffee maker died.

People who say coffee doesn't do anything for them are people I don't understand. No coffee means I make mistakes. Coffee is the lifeblood of moms everywhere. Life is full of responsibility. We need our coffee. Seriously. If the coffee machine breaks, nothing is getting done until Mamma bear gets her coffee.

6. Going alone to the supermarket is like a holiday to you

Nothing says freedom like strolling through the produce aisle without a child in your cart. Bask in the glory of the bakery section. Get whatever you want. Today is your day.

7. The last 400 pictures on your phone are of a baby or toddler.

What is a selfie again?

8. Coffee.

What's that? Coffee again? Yes. Coffee...again.

How can we even function without the mighty coffee bean, Mother nature's magical blessing?

9. When it's lost, only mom can find it

Spoiler Alert, it's in/on/under the couch. It's always in/on/under the couch.

10. You wouldn't trade it for the world

No matter how exhausting being a mom can be, you wouldn't trade it for the whole world. There is nothing that makes you feel more complete than looking into the eyes of your smiling little ones. Or seeing their tiny fingers dance under the bathroom door because you've locked it while you use the washroom. Ah, but at least there is coffee.